The textile industry, "Thirteen Five" plan molding industry with a cloth will be focused on cultiv

  • Date:2016-02-04
  • Summary:Reporter yesterday from the China Textile Industry Association was informed that the textile industry & ldquo; Thirteen Five & rdquo; planning has been formed. Thirteen Five period, industrial textiles will be focused on cultivating, and is expected to ma

    Reporter yesterday learned from the China Textile Industry Association, the textile industry, "Thirteen Five Year Plan" has been formed. "Thirteen Five" period, industrial textiles will be focused on cultivating, and is expected to maintain double-digit growth.


    "Golden" Textiles


    Union insiders said that the textile industry, "Thirteen Five Year Plan" has been listed as one of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology planning ministry is expected in the first half of 2016 released by the Ministry.


    The source said, according to China's national conditions and the global situation, "Thirteen Five" period, the textile industry's position as a traditional pillar industry of China's national economy and an important livelihood industry will not change, but based on the comparative cost advantage in international competition level is converted into a further advantages of the new international chain level. Thus, the textile industry, "Thirteen Five" plan for the new period the textile industry has a new positioning: "Textile industry is a traditional pillar industry of China, an important livelihood industries and create new advantages in international industry, science and technology and fashion fusion, clothing consumption with both the industry and the industry, to beautify people's lives, related industries and stimulate domestic demand growth, the construction of ecological civilization, and enhance cultural self-confidence, promote social harmony has played an important role. "


    Federation source said, "to create new advantages of internationalization, technology and the fusion of fashion, clothing and industrial consumption simultaneously," which is expressed in three newly proposed, would be in the "Thirteen Five" obvious manifestation, and this is also the Chinese textile industry to upgrade to high-end and an inevitable requirement necessary process.


    China's industrial textiles started in the 1980s, initially known as industrial fabrics. "Twelve Five" period, the industry has made great progress, there are three non-woven fabric production enterprises to enter the world's top 40; listed companies amounted to 14; 20 companies of the industry before the annual labor productivity growth of 15%, the emergence of a SMEs installment of "specialized, sophisticated, special, excellent, new".


    The industry is expected to maintain double-digit growth


    President of the China Textiles Industry Association, Li Ling Shen believes that the textiles industry, the biggest opportunity, "Thirteen Five" period is the Chinese economy still maintained high-speed growth.


    Experts said that the textiles industry is the high dependence of the national economy, industry, closely related to the country's infrastructure and national policies.


    In recent years, transportation textiles showing rapid growth, sales revenue and profit growth of the industry more than 15%. According to statistics, now use textile material in the car parts have more than 80 kinds, each car takes about 20 kg of textile material.


    There are estimates pointed out that by 2020, global car population will more than one billion, that is to say, in the next seven years, the annual increase in car ownership will reach 12% to 15%, so automotive textiles have enormous development space, and move to high-end series with the improvement of people's living standards.


    At the same time, transportation, foreign trade growing prosperity of tourism, sea and air transport has involved a rapid growth trend. Especially in a vehicle towards the high-end large-scale, energy-saving drive development, the high-speed railway in recent years has been the rapid development of China-made large aircraft C919 is also about the effectiveness of the people, which contributed to the lightweight, high-performance and textiles composites gradually replace steel, to further increase the amount of application, in recent years, the textile industry is the most development potential and high value-added new products.


    Li Ling unicast, as long as the total value of our national product growth can be maintained at between 6.5% to 7%, we can guarantee the basic industrial textiles industry of major economic indicators in order to double-digit growth.