How to choose the right fabric of POLO shirt

  • Date:2019-08-06
  • Summary:When choosing a POLO shirt, we must first choose a comfortable and fashionable POLO shirt. This requires attention to the custom material of the POLO shirt. T

    When choosing a POLO shirt, we must first choose a comfortable and fashionable POLO shirt. This requires attention to the custom material of the POLO shirt. The effects of different fabric materials are also different.

    1.double silk cotton
    The singeed and mercerized mercerized yarn is used as raw material, and the pure cotton double-silk fabric is a "double-burned double-filament" pure cotton product. The CAD computer-aided design system and the CAM computer-assisted production system are used to quickly weave the design of the flower-shaped POLO shirt fabric. After the brinding and mercerizing of the grey fabric, a series of finishing is carried out to produce the POLO shirt fabric. The surface is clear, the pattern is novel, the gloss is bright, the hand feels smooth, and it is better than the mercerized cotton, but the price is slightly more expensive because of the two mercerizing finishes.

    2.polyester cotton
    Cotton + polyester, refers to the collective name of blended fabric of polyester and cotton. There are generally two methods of blending and interlacing. The advantage is that the wrinkle resistance is good and the deformation is not easy; the disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff, and the dyeing is twice, and the fabric feels hard. The hand feels soft and thick, the washing is not easy to deform, but the clothes are comfortable and slightly worse than pure cotton. 65 cotton POLO shirt fabric is OK, and 35 cotton is relatively poor, wearing very uncomfortable, it is easy to pilling.

    3.pure cotton
    This is a relatively common POLO shirt fabric, cost-effective, although not like other POLO shirt fabrics, after special processing, but 100 cotton, still maintain the superior natural characteristics of cotton, skin-friendly, breathable Good sex and good moisture absorption. If you don't have a lot of budget and you want to wear it comfortably, this is a good choice. Of course, some 100 cotton that has been treated by special processes such as hair removal and softening are also fabrics.

    4.Lycra cotton
    With drapability and crease recovery, this is an elastic cotton fabric that is finished with a spandex in the weaving process. Feel good, more close-fitting, highlighting the body, flexible, especially suitable for close-fitting clothing. In the past two years, it has been used on men's POLO shirts. Generally, when making POLO shirt fabrics, fabrics with spandex can only be treated with light alkali and low temperature mercerizing. This kind of fabric is more suitable for a polo shirt with a stylish style, and the bones will be worse. In particular, this fabric should be protected against shrinkage.

    5.combed cotton
    Combed cotton is mainly used for the production of textiles with high quality requirements. In the process of production, many magazines will be removed to ensure the quality of the fabric to a greater extent. Customized POLO shirts with combed cotton will be thicker, durable and more resistant to tearing. It is characterized by good moisture absorption, smooth hand feeling, comfortable skin-friendly, easy to wash and dry, can not deodorize, but also absorb sweat and drain!