Flame Retardant TPU composite fabrics fi

Product Description:

Material: 100% Polyester + TPU

Yarn: 75D × 75D

Density: 160 × 43

Width: 150cm

Grammage: 170 g / m

Fabric: plain matte shade cloth

Post-treatment: Flame Retardant TPU composite

Fabric characteristics: high elasticity, permanent Flame Retardant



Flame Retardant TPU composite fabrics fi Details

Flammability rating: British standard BS5867, the European standard EN1021-2: 2004, American Standard tent CPAI-84

 Uses: do baby stroller, clothing, sofas, cushions, tent, car seats, etc.

 Elastic properties: can stretch 100%



① Internal Package: package, plastic bags endometrium, girdle

② Outer packing: bags (1 roll / bag, can according to customer requirements)



1. from the fire is put out, do not continue to burn

2. After repeated washing remains flame retardant (flame retardant effect does not change after washing 50 times)

3. chemical resistance, and has a function of anti-moth

4. without any toxicity, no smoke when burned, non-irritating odor, is a green products


Flame Retardant Certification:

European standard EN1021-2: 2004: