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According to the hospital study, negative oxygen ions in the air and human health are closely related, negative oxygen ion concentration reaches a certain amount, can purify the air, increase a person's immunity, while high blood pressure, asthma, influenza, insomnia, arthritis and other diseases there is a certain role of adjuvant therapy, so the World Health Organization, when the air is not less than minus ions 1000-1500 / cm3, so the air is considered fresh air.

I developed a permanent Flame Retardant fabric is not only negative oxygen ions with a permanent release of negative oxygen sub-functions, but also has permanent burning properties, the determination, the negative oxygen ions nanomaterials negative oxygen ions can produce flame retardant fabric and high phosphorus content blocking burning material, its product is a healthy environment-friendly new products can be made of upholstery fabrics, such as vehicle interior automotive trim materials and new bedding and high-end clothing and other fabrics.

 1:Inherently flame retardant negative oxygen ion (anion) fabric.

 2:Padding is inherently flame retardant polyester wadding.