Porous &Anti-static air duct fabric

Product Description:

Model: YDFR-15001-13


Introduction: This fabric is made of permanent fire resistant polyester yarn, adding a small amount of carbon fiber conductive yarn. The fabric performs good st fire resistance after repeated washing. The fabric also has a permanent antistatic function. The yarn is close with low permeability, this reduce the loss of directional air flow. It can be used for heating and cooling systems, and other antistatic required fields.



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Porous &Anti-static air duct fabric Details

Application: fiber cloth air duct

Composition:100% IFR POLY + Less than 1% arbonic fiber

Post-finishing: dye

Width: 200cm

Weight: 200g/㎡

Thickness: 0.35mm


Permeability at 130Pa(M3/M2/h)

Permeability at 150Pa(M3/M2/h)

Permeability at 200Pa(M3/M2/h) Permeability at 300Pa(M3/M2/h)
30 40 55 65

Other application: NO

Fabric characteristics:546y45tyr4tyrty.jpg