Non-Porous air duct fabric

Product Description:

Model: YDFR-15001-15


Introduction:This is a high-quality PU fire resistant coating, with good waterproofing and fire resistant properties. Also, it is a stable coating that weather proofing and aging resistant. The air hose made of this product will not leak any gas, and it is 100% directed with balanced ventilation. 



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Non-Porous air duct fabric Details

Application: fiber cloth air duct

Composition: 80% POLY + 20% PU

Post-finishing: dye, PU coating

Width: 150cm

Weight: 230g/㎡

Thickness: 0.32mm


Permeability at 130Pa(M3/M2/h)

Permeability at 150Pa(M3/M2/h) Permeability at 200Pa(M3/M2/h) Permeability at 300Pa(M3/M2/h)
0 0 0 0

Other application: tent, luggage, etc

Fabric characteristics:546y45tyr4tyrty.jpg

Washing instructions:32432434324.png