Fabric air duct

Product Description:

Model: YDFR-15001


Introduction: Fabric air duct is a flexible fabric duct system which is made of special fiber woven, it is an alternative end of the wind system to traditional blast pipe, valve, diffuser, and insulation materials. It is mainly by the unique wind model of fiber penetration and jet flow that evens the  blowing. This system also known as air distribution pipe, duct bag, cloth duct, and fiber cloth duct.



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Fabric air duct Details


Our company provide a variety of materials to choose from to meet different requirements.

1: Economical airtight fabric
2: Normal airtight fabric
3: Economical airtight fabric
4: Medium airtight fabric
4: High-end air purifying anion fabrics


Fabric air duct advantages:
Compared with the traditional metal duct, it has the following advantages:

1.It is the surface that blows air, and the air is in great volume while without blowing feeling. Fabric air duct system adopts the unique blowing mode that permeate air from the entire pipe wall fiber and blow from micropore, with big wind area and air volume, low wind speed, and none blowing feelings.

2. Overall air evenly distributed. There are ranks of micropores in the fabric air duct wall, unify air distribution of each point, and thus make a balanced ventilation.

3. Anti-condensation. Fabric air duct will form an air layer in the outer wall through the air conditioning permeate the whole wall fibers, so that the wall has almost no temperature difference between inside and outside, this completely solve the condensation problem, while requires no pipe insulation.

4. Easy to clean and maintain, healthy and Eco-friendly. Because fabric air duct system is easy to dismounting, cleaning it is easy as well, as a result, it enhances the quality of indoor air and achieves higher requirements for environmental health.

5. Beautiful, colorful, and personalized. A variety of colors can be kept in harmony with the indoor environment in any style. Meanwhile, the system and color can be fully customized.

6. Weight light, and the roof load is negligible. Our fabric air duct system is made by special woven fiber, which is light (approximately 1/40 of the traditional metal air system), it is particularly suitable for non-load-bearing roofs.

7. The system is quiet when running, improves environmental quality (fabric air duct materials are soft, with low wind speed when running, and will not transfer resonance,so improves environmental quality).

8. Easy to install, shorten the project cycle. Fabric air duct uses dedicated supporting ropes or aluminum rail suspension device system, it is easy to install, and the time is often 1/10 less than traditional system, greatly shortening the project cycle.

9. The installation is flexible and can be reused. The whole system adopts soft materials, which requires no trim calibration when installing. When used, it is not the same as metal piping systems which is easy scratched, dented, resulting in leakage and so on. And the suspension system is flexible, easy to install, and reusable. It is now a best option for various places that need temporary ventilation.

10. The cost of the whole system is economical.

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