1000D oxford with PVC coated for bag

Product Description:

Model: YDFR-15001-15


Introduction:This is a high-quality PVC flame-retardant coating, has good fire resistant property. The coating is solid, and the high temperature resistance ups to 80℃, it will not deform under 80℃ for 30 minutes. It also is weather resistant and ageing resistant.



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1000D oxford with PVC coated for bag Details

Application: luggage

Composition: 60% POLY + 40% PVC

Post-finishing: dye, PU coating



Color fastness: American-Standard Grade 4

Fire resistance: Comply with

           1:UNI EN ISO 6940

           2:UNI EN ISO 6941

           3:UNI 8456  Level 3 – category 4


Water-pressure resistance:300mm

Other application: tent, etc.

Fabric characteristics:546y45tyr4tyrty.jpg

Washing instructions:32432434324.png