Finished hospital curtain

Product Description:

Model: YD MPC-0015

Introduction:This fabric is made of permanent fire resistant polyester yarn, it is a knitting fabric. 20cm from the top edge of the fabric is woven into the hollow at 50cm wide. It not only meets the requirement of lighting, but also meets the requirement of sight isolation. This fabric is widely used in hospital curtain. After repeated washing, the fabric still performs good at fire resistant.


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Finished hospital curtain Details

Application: hospital curtain

Composition: 100% fire resistant docron

Tissue: knitting

Structure: 20cm Plain +50cm hollow out+110 cm Plain

Post-finishing: dye

Width: according to customer’s requirement

Weight: 230g/㎡

Fabric characteristics:546y45tyr4tyrty.jpg

Washing instructions:32432434324.png