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Benefits of Using Fabric Air Ducts


There are a number of advantages to using fabric air ducts over metal ones.

These benefits include their low maintenance and low installation costs, which make them an excellent choice as replacements for old, bulky metal structures. They are also hygienic and quieter. Here are some of the benefits to using fabric air ducts in your home or office.

When selecting a fabric air duct cleaner, you must consider the material and the type of filter. Fabric ducts are often made of polyester, which does not support bacterial growth. These ducts can retain up to 60% of particles larger than 1 micron in size. They can be washed two to three times per year. The frequency and intensity of washing will determine how effectively the filter will clean the air. Fabric air ducts can also be custom dyed to remove stains.

Fabric air ducts are an excellent choice for health conscious home owners and professionals. The interior of fabric ducts can build up dust and other contaminants that can contribute to sick building syndrome. Additionally, fabric ducts can be completely laundered, a benefit that metal ducts cannot match. Investing in a fabric air duct cleaner can help you keep your HVAC system clean and fresh.
More efficient

Fabric air ducts are more efficient than metal ones, according to a study from the Iowa State University. The research shows that fabric ducts provide better indoor air quality and more uniform distribution of air throughout a space. They also reduce the amount of energy used to run mechanical equipment.

Fabric air ducts are also more durable and have a long life span. In fact, some FabricAir projects have been operational for over 30 years. Moreover, FabricAir stands behind their product with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. FabricAir products can also be customized according to the property needed. They come in different colors and with a new printing technology, making them perfect for specific applications.

Fabric air ducts are more efficient than metal ones because the treated air is distributed evenly throughout the entire length of the duct, collecting in an even manner. In contrast, metal ducts rely on air vents and therefore have a high risk of draughts. Furthermore, a metal duct with an O-500 x 1.000 mm section weighs almost eight hundred and seventy grams.

Using a hygienic fabric air duct is a great way to improve the air quality of a commercial space. This type of duct is washable, so you can easily clean it. In addition, you can follow the maintenance instructions included with your duct to keep it clean and hygienic.

The main benefit of using a textile duct is that it can help reduce draughts, as well as heat loss. This type of duct also helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It also minimizes stress on ceilings and structural supports. It is also easy to install, dismantle, and clean. Plus, it can be custom-made to your exact specifications, including size, colour, and shape.
Easy to install

Fabric air ducts are easy to install. They are bundled with a tension steel cable wire and can easily be attached to the top plenum of your Indoor Air Handler with clips. The ducts are also designed with a built-in zipper system to make installation easy.

Another advantage of fabric ducts is their lightweight nature. They are easy to transport and store. The fabric itself is also lightweight and doesn't add much weight to the building. Because they are made of fabric, they also don't corrode or react to harsh chemicals. You can purchase fabric ducts in a variety of colors and patterns, and you can also order custom designs and patterns to fit your space.

Benefits of Using Fabric Air Ducts

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