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Hospital Curtain Fabric - What to Look For in Choosing One

Hospital Curtain Fabric is an impregnated polyester/cotton blend that is being used for curtains in hospitals and clinics across the globe. Hospital Curtain is an abbreviation of Hospital Curtain Fabric. This term is used to indicate the fabric used by hospitals for curtain walls used to segregate different areas of the hospital from each other for the reason of patient care, infection control and patient safety. Different types of Hospitals Curtain are available in the market today.

Hospital Curtain Fabric is prepared by the manufacturers in two-sided tapes with the long sides having the antifungal and antimicrobial properties respectively. The materials of these tapes are prepared by weaving, cutting and sewing them together. The raw materials like the polyester is washed and dried. After which they are combined by subjecting them to flame retardant processes and chemicals to ensure their quality and durability. Yaodi Flame retardant fabrics are much effective in containing the spread of fire due to combustible elements on the fabric's surface.

These products are also classified as 100% flame retardant. The manufacturers of these products make use of various techniques for their preparation such as through cold roll forming, acid wash and hot roll forming. These techniques ensure the high quality and standard of the hospital curtain fabric. The flame retardant chemical present in these products ensure the breakage of the chemical bonds that are responsible for the growth of bacteria.

There are four fabrics prepared by these companies. The first one is the Top Mesh fabric. It has been prepared by using the high technology technique of hot milling. In this process, the top mesh is made from polyester and the anti-microbial chemical is locked onto the polyester by heat. After this process, about twenty percent of the top mesh is left as un-reacted, which forms the anti-microbial layer.

The second type of fabric is the High Performance Hospital Curtain. It is very popular due to its high performance, color fastness, and ease of maintenance. The manufacturers of this fabric use a unique process called flash breath printing where the fabric is imprinted with an image.

The third one is the High Performance Acrylic. This is a special type of anti-microbial fabric that is made from synthetic Acrylics. It has been subjected to flame retardant tests and has passed all of them. The manufacturers of this fabric use high-tech techniques in producing the top mesh. After the top mesh has been imprinted, it is printed with a non-permanent color.

The last kind of fabric is the High Performance Polyester. It is the latest addition to the curtain fabric line. It was selected based on its high test performance and its matchless finish. This fabric is easy to maintain and has passed the test standard of fire retardancy and abrasion resistance.

Manufacturers have realized the importance of offering these fabrics to customers. They want to ensure that the products they produce pass the standardized test. Since the products have undergone standardized testing, it can easily be sold without being questioned about its safety. Therefore, manufacturers have started offering these products in many stores across the country. Once the curtain fabric passes the test standard, it will definitely stand out and increase the appeal of the hospital room. You would surely want all of your patients to feel comfortable when entering the room.

You can find different styles of curtain fabric in stores. It is important that you will be able to choose one that best matches the design and theme of your hospital. Choose the fabric that has a uniform color. It should be able to blend well with the rest of the items and furniture in the room. This is the reason why you need to choose a design that will complement the other fabric in the room.

There are lots of styles to choose from. Your curtain fabric can either be monotone or polyester depending on the kind of look you are going for. Monotone curtain looks plain while polyester curtain fabric gives you more options when choosing design. The latter comes in many different vibrant colors, so you can choose a design that best suits your personality.

Do not forget to consider the quality of the fabric before making your decision. You need to purchase curtain fabric that will last for a long time, without having to be replaced often. Most people prefer the ones that can be washed easily. Make sure that the material used is durable and you can ensure this by checking the number of years it can hold its color without fading.

Hospital Curtain Fabric - What to Look For in Choosing One

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