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How to choose the fabric of mesh yarn and mesh cloth

As a carrier for filtering gases, solids and liquids, mesh yarns are made of different materials depending on the application, mainly for the following!

1. Polyurethane mesh yarn is also called polyester mesh yarn, which is characterized by high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and high stability. Therefore, it is an ideal material in China's printing and dyeing industry. % To 80% use polyester screen printing mesh yarn!

2. nylon mesh, nylon is divided into nylon 66 and nylon 6! Nylon is an acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, good elasticity, etc. Its abrasion resistance is the highest abrasion resistance of all chemical fiber materials. Because of its low cost, it is an ideal material in the filtration industry. .

3. Polyethylene mesh yarn, as its name implies, is a kind of mesh yarn woven from polyethylene yarn. The chemical name is PE or PTFE!
Its characteristics are low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption, and low cost. It is suitable for dustproof, clothing lining, papermaking, breeding, wedding dress and other fields.

Mesh fabrics are mesh fabrics, that is, mesh fabrics, organic woven mesh fabrics and knitted mesh fabrics (currently also non-woven), of which woven mesh fabrics are white or yarn-dyed. Good air permeability. After bleaching and dyeing, the cloth body is very cool. In addition to summer clothing, it is especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies. The mesh size is consistent for printing, filtering, etc.

There are generally three methods of weaving woven mesh: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and warp warp), twist each other to form a shed, and interweave with the weft yarn (see Leno tissue). The warp warp uses one This kind of special twisted heald (also known as half heald) is sometimes twisted on the left side of the ground warp. After one (or two or five) times of weft insertion, it is twisted to the right side of the ground warp. Mesh-shaped holes with stable structure, called leno;

The other is to use a change of jacquard structure or perforation method.The warp yarns are grouped into three and penetrate one reed tooth.It can also be woven with small holes on the cloth surface, but the mesh structure is unstable and easy to move, so Also known as fake leno. There is also a plain weave. The square weave uses the denture density and weft density to form the mesh (screen). There are also two types of knitted mesh, weft knitted fabric and warp knitted mesh. The raw materials are generally nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. Many finished knitted fabrics are called by different names.

Mesh is a relatively thin plain weave. Its characteristics are very sparse density, the texture of the mesh yarn is thinner, the holes are clear, the feel of the mesh yarn is refreshing, flexible, breathable, and comfortable to wear.
Mesh fabrics are widely used. Net yarn fabrics are a little denser than lace fabrics. Net yarns are mostly produced by weaving polyester, nylon, spandex, and low-elasticity.

How to choose the fabric of mesh yarn and mesh cloth

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