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How to distinguish the quality of curtain fabrics

Nowadays, curtain fabrics on the market are very large. The fabrics of the same color will have different textures with different qualities. Of course, the appeals will also lead to different prices. Black-hearted merchants deliberately hang low-quality fabrics and sell them at high prices, so that consumers can eat more. deficit. So how can we distinguish the quality of the fabric?

1. The precision of the fabric

All the fabrics are woven with yarns. Just look at the degree of weaving. Take high-precision fabrics as an example. One square cloth is woven with more than 20,000 yarns, and the high-precision is 40,000-50,000 yarns. Line composition, which is why the price seems to be the same.

2. Is the color of the curtain fabric normal?

Everyone's visual senses look different. Curtains are the most beautiful proportion of soft outfits. How to judge the "beauty" standard of curtains. Don't look at the colors of his flowers, but whether the colors are pure or not. Pigments are the most costly part of the fabric dyeing process, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of tons. At the same time, the color is not only expected to fade under long-term sunlight, but it is difficult to distinguish with the general eye. Therefore, please judge based on your feelings.



3. Hand feeling and surface texture of curtain fabric

In fact, we cannot completely judge the quality of the raw materials, so we can make a preliminary judgment from the feel and surface texture:

The flannel must be soft to the touch. It looks heavy but not heavy to the touch.

Chenille, as I said just now, should feel a deep feeling.

High-precision imitation silk feels soft and must not be too hard.

How to distinguish the quality of curtain fabrics

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