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How to match different colors of living room curtains and sofas

Why is the same piece of clothing that other people wear so good-looking, but I can’t tell how others feel? Not because I don’t know how to match it. Many girls should know that dressing is very important. In the living room decoration, curtains and sofas Matching is also very important. Sometimes the living room of other people's living room is so good-looking, often because the curtains are selected well and complement each other. Let's learn how to match the curtains and sofas in the living room.

What color curtains look good with a dark sofa? What color curtains look good with a beige sofa? The furniture comes in at the end of the decoration, and the sofa is also selected. But what color to choose for the living room curtains looks good, and is more coordinated with the living room? In fact, the color of the living room curtains Just choose to coordinate with the sofa. There are skills in matching the curtains of the living room with the sofa, and the choice of different colors of sofa curtains is also different.

1. Dark European-style sofa in the living room with brown and purple curtains

Dark sofas are a common choice for living room sofas. Take European-style dark sofas for example. Dark European-style sofas have a noble feeling, but a fashionable living room needs more approachable gentleness and kindness, so coffee and purple are added. Come in and form a gentle, mysterious and elegant living room space. Putting a few pots of small plants makes this living room different.

2. The brown sofa in the living room with beige curtains

Beige curtains and brown sofas still match well. Beige curtains and brown sofas are matched with a simple background wall of pure color to bring out the elegant feeling. Only when you get close can you see the coordination between the curtains and the sofa. The light yellow and patterned pillows can also be matched. Simple to the extreme, maybe you don't need to use any color matching, let the natural light shine through that thin gauze, to set off the purity and beauty of the space. The feeling of freshness and comfort emerges from these pure colors and colors. The living room at home is a brown sofa, you can consider beige curtains.



3. Living room beige sofa with light blue curtains

If the living room is a beige sofa, what color curtain is better? Blue is good. It is more coordinated if the wall is white. The pure white living room wall, the light blue curtains and the beige sofa, make the originally monotonous room appear brighter. The small-sized living room is very suitable. The simple shape always keeps us in a comfortable environment, elegant beige The sofa is matched with beige sofa art and light blue curtains, supplemented by simple floral patterns, and mix and match to show fashion.

4. Living room green sofa with green curtains

For those who like green, I chose a green sofa in the living room. How do you match the green sofa curtains? I will tell you that the same color is also good. A green sofa is good with green curtains, or red and green curtains. The pure white simple space is matched with fabric soft decorations with fashionable and gorgeous flower patterns. The green curtains echo the sofa, and the ornaments with red national flavor are added, like abstract flowers, complementing the green of the curtains.

5. A dark sofa in the living room with blue curtains

Earlier we talked about the color matching of European-style dark sofas with curtains. Can dark sofas be matched with curtains of other colors? Yes. The steady coffee-colored sofa is adorned with flower patterns, and the black rose blooms all over the window lattices. The originally inconsistent colors have been coordinated because of the echo of flowers. The dignified and steady background color of the sofa echoes it with the brocade of flowers. The two materials with similar materials allow the patterns of flowers and birds to blend with each other, and the colors that were not very commensurate can also blend just right. Adding blue accents, the whole will not feel lifeless.

In the color matching of the curtains and sofas in the living room, the cool color of the living room decoration style should match the installation of the cool color curtains to appear calm and solemn, if it is the warm color of the living room decoration, it will appear warm and unrestrained. In the choice of curtain color, choose a lighter one. The color. But don't choose too much color, otherwise it will give people a very messy feeling. In the choice of the color of curtains in the living room, most people will choose pure color curtains, such as bronze, dark silver, dark green, tan, etc., and coordinate with the color of the living room decoration.

How to match different colors of living room curtains and sofas

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