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Permanent Flame Retardant Fireproof Curtain Fabric Curtain Fabric Shading Fabric

The bottom fabric is coated with three layers, the bottom is white, the middle is black, and the shading effect is good. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, soft, sound insulation, heat insulation, and UV protection. Semi-shielding coated curtain fabric, two layers on the bottom fabric , Play a semi-shading effect, shading coated flame retardant curtain fabric, based on the full shading coated flocking cloth, add environmentally friendly flame retardant to the base fabric and coating materials, so all the advantages of the full shading curtain cloth are removed , It also has the effect of flame retardant, which greatly guarantees the quality and safety of life. The flame retardancy will not be lost after washing 50 times, the flame retardant effect will not change, and the dyeing performance is good, and it is low smoke and non-toxic when burned. It is a halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant fabric. It is soft and beautiful like ordinary fabrics. Mainly used for flame-retardant indoor curtain fabrics, environmentally friendly permanent flame-retardant curtain fabrics for hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, schools and other public places.
Generally speaking, curtains and shade cloths are poisonous, but basically they contain formaldehyde. Not all blackout curtain fabrics contain formaldehyde, because some small brands or low-end product manufacturers only add a layer of double-sided silver shading cloth to ordinary curtains in order to save costs. The use of glue and shading coating will cause its pungent smell. , Even the chemical substance exceeds the standard. The blackout curtain is mainly to block the sun. When the sun is exposed, volatile gases such as formaldehyde will escape, which is harmful to health!
The smell is very strong when exposed to the sun, but fortunately, after a few weeks of exposure, the smell is almost dispersed. When choosing a shade curtain for home use, try to choose curtains made of blackout chemical fibers. First, smell whether the smell is pungent. Hold it in your hand and weigh the weight. The heavier the better, the better the quality. You can also check the density and stitches of the knitting. The denser, the better the shading effect will be. And try to choose trustworthy brand, chemical fiber products, so as to prevent the selection of formaldehyde-containing curtain fabrics.

The benefits of blackout curtains:
1. In most places, the requirements for blackout curtains are not only improved. The new type of blackout and windproof roller blinds are simple and clean, natural and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and beautiful, convenient and practical, wind-proof and shock-proof, no edge seams can be fully shaded, and a unique patented zipper guide groove The technology guarantees that there is no deviation, and the curved curtain can be made, which is perfect to prevent insects and mosquitoes and is easy to clean.

2. Features: There are no side rails and covers. This product is a standard roller blind and is widely installed at a reasonable price. It is not suitable for places that require complete shading and wind, because it does not have guide rails and covers. Can be used in large spaces with 200mm tubes.

3. Application fields: The product has been widely used in Shinkansen, luxury buses, various sports venues, office buildings, conference rooms, precision equipment workshops, dust-free factories, modern homes, etc.

Is blackout curtain cloth toxic? Blackout curtains are generally toxic and contain formaldehyde. Therefore, when choosing blackout curtains, you must choose safer and environmentally friendly products, so that the safety of use can be guaranteed Sex. Is blackout curtain cloth poisonous? There are still many uses. In some public places and private places, homes, etc., they are used more, and they also have the effect of shading.

Permanent Flame Retardant Fireproof Curtain Fabric Curtain Fabric Shading Fabric

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