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  • Yaodi IFR Sheer Fabric

    Yaodi IFR Sheer Fabric

    IFR Sheer Fabric is 100% polyester and comes in 120-inch widths. It is a softer type of sheer yarn that is both lightweight and transparent. The color is usually dyed to match the fabric's other features. Sheer Voile is a common choice for drapery and window treatments. The flame-retardant fabric is...

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  • High Flame Resistant Nomex Fabric

    High Flame Resistant Nomex Fabric

    Nomex Fabric is an extremely durable type of fabric that can withstand extreme temperatures. Unlike cotton, it is not susceptible to flames. When exposed to fire, Nomex fibers carbonize and swell, which reflects some of the fire's heat energy while increasing the thickness of the fabric. Because of ...

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  • What to Look For in a Sleeping Bag

    What to Look For in a Sleeping Bag

    A sleeping bag's comfort rating is important for two reasons. The comfort rating is the temperature where you'll be comfortable while sleeping. If the bag is too warm, you'll feel cold, and the opposite is true for women. The extreme temperature rating is the lowest temperature in which you'll feel ...

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  • Hospital Sheets and Bedding Made From FABRIC For Eco Bag

    Hospital Sheets and Bedding Made From FABRIC For Eco Bag

    A hospital sheet is made from a soft material that is comfortable to the skin and breathable. It is available in 3 types: Jersey knit, Interlock knit, and Pique knit. All of these materials are lightweight and breathable, but can stretch 20 to 25 percent. The difference in texture and appearance bet...

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  • Important Facts About Velvet Fabric

    Important Facts About Velvet Fabric

    The term velvety refers to any type of tufted fabric, especially one with a soft feel. It is a woven material with an even distribution of cut threads and a short, dense pile. It has a distinctive soft feel and can be made of both natural and synthetic fibers. Because of its distinctive texture, it ...

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  • Benefits of Fabric Air Duct

    Benefits of Fabric Air Duct

    Choosing the right fabric air duct can make all the difference between a comfortable and productive living space. With low wind speeds and a low resonance, fabric air ducts can be used for various applications. These ducts are a great option for any home or office with its high-quality design and lo...

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  • Why Choose Hospitality Curtain Fabric?

    Why Choose Hospitality Curtain Fabric?

    Yaodichina is the leading provider of Hospitality Curtains fabrics. Our products are designed to last, durable, and easily cleaned. With different sizes, colors, styles and textures The styles range from contemporary to traditional and modern. Whatever your look, we'll be sure to find a style that's...

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  • Intrinsic Flame Retardant Curtain

    Intrinsic Flame Retardant Curtain

    Inherently Flame Retardant fabrics are ideal for rooms, houses, and other locations where people spend large amounts of time in heated areas. This term refers to materials that contain a fire-retarding naturally occurring material which isn't affected by man-made chemicals or other foreign organic c...

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  • Choosing an IFR Curtain

    Choosing an IFR Curtain

    IFR (inherently flame-retardant fabrics) is the most widely used curtain material in China. Most of the commercial buildings in China are made of IFR or Insulated Polyethylene Fiberglass. Many companies from different countries now produce IFR curtains. IFR curtains have the same quality and look as...

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  • What is an IFR Curtain Fabric?

    What is an IFR Curtain Fabric?

    In order to get the best value for money on IFR CURTAIN FABRIC curtains, you should buy from a reputable supplier. It's no use getting a great deal if your curtains don't measure up to standard. There are many companies who offer good prices on IFR fabric but when it comes to the actual quality of t...

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  • How To Make Velvet Fabric Decorations For Your Dresses

    How To Make Velvet Fabric Decorations For Your Dresses

    Velvet Fabric is considered as one of the most elegant and fashionable fabrics available in the market today. It can be used in a wide variety of home decorating styles. Therefore, it is very popular among various class of people and has become a part of everyday designing. In fact, many interior de...

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  • Tips on Purchasing a Fr Products

    Tips on Purchasing a Fr Products

    Fire retardancy (FR) is a technical term for products which provide protection from fire in different situations. It is mandatory in various countries of the world for various applications. A person who deals with fire protection should have knowledge about the different products of this kind. The f...

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