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The curtains should match the whole family environment

Nowadays, every house is equipped with curtains. The effect of curtains on the beauty of the home environment is self-evident. In particular, curtains can create a different atmosphere. However, there are many kinds of curtain styles on the market. When choosing colors, styles, matching and other issues, customers often have a headache. Here are some curtain selection and matching skills for you.

Home curtain matching skills one

The fancy style needs to match the sofa, and the curtains must match the entire family environment. This has become the default rule for buying curtains. The life experience exhibition hall creates different styles of home decoration atmosphere. The curtains and decoration styles are integrated, and the furniture layout fully reflects this law. In addition to colors, different curtain heads and accessories also depict different home "expressions". Different curtain heads, different grace, different simplicity, different romance, and different intellect, they express different emotions invisibly.


Home curtain matching skills two

To relieve insomnia, bedroom curtains with black and red can choose dark fabrics, which have good shading effect and promote sleep. Especially black and red curtains are a good choice for people with insomnia. The curtain design of the children's room combines the children's nature. The curtains generally use cute cartoon patterns, bright colors, and individual shapes to please the little owner. In particular, we should remind that because children are naturally active, they sometimes hide and seek with curtains, or even bite the curtains with their teeth. Therefore, when choosing curtains for children, we must fully consider health and environmental protection.

Home curtain matching skills three

Blended fabric is resistant to shrinkage and wrinkle. It is more suitable to use blinds in kitchens and bathrooms due to humidity and oily smoke. In addition, wooden or bamboo curtains are more suitable for leisure and tea rooms. The balcony should be made of light-resistant and non-fading materials; Fabrics with good lightness will help relax the body and mind and think about problems. When consumers buy something, they should ask about the shrinkage rate, let go of their hands, and leave plenty of shrinkage. "There is a Mr. Huang who makes curtains. It is reported that among the curtain fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, wool and other textures are very popular with consumers, but these textures have a certain shrinkage rate. The curtains of artificial fiber and chemical fiber texture, It is superior to cotton and linen fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, fade resistance, and wrinkle resistance. Nevertheless, many modern fabrics blend natural fibers with man-made fibers or synthetic fibers to achieve both.

The curtains should match the whole family environment

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