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Three practical tips for curtain matching

Curtains are an indispensable and important part of home furnishings. How to hang the curtains is the most suitable. Color is a very critical entry point. Today, I will share with you some basic principles of curtain color matching.

1. The color is similar to the wall, and a few degrees deeper

The wall with a little gray is in line with the popular "cold" style. This kind of wall with gray curtains can fully show the advanced texture. Gray is an inclusive color. Choosing a dark gray that is a few degrees deeper than the wall can create a tranquil and elegant indoor atmosphere. However, it should be noted that if it is not high enough and not big enough, please do not carry the dark tone to the end.

And like the apricot walls that are common in modern styles, choosing a darker earth-colored curtain is very suitable. There is also a common European style, fresh and elegant. This kind of skill, which is the same color as the wall but a little deeper, is easier to master and simple to operate.

2. Choose a color similar to the secondary tone

The secondary tone is the second most prominent color that you can notice in addition to the large patches of color on the walls and floors. Secondary colors generally come from small and medium-sized objects with significant colors or unique patterns, such as coffee tables, carpets, desk lamps, cushions or other decorative objects. Choosing to be consistent with the color of small things such as tea sets will not cause too many of the same color in the space, nor will it be boring. The bright yellow curtains echo the chairs. Fortunately, the area of ​​the chair chosen is small, otherwise the large area of ​​saturated color space is estimated to be difficult to stay comfortable. At the same time, it also complied with the first principle, which was a few degrees deeper than the wall. The curtains echo the woven blanket at the end of the bed, which has a strong integrity, and naturally makes the bedroom items into a complete set. A common matching method is that the curtain color and the pillow are the same color. Sometimes you don't need to entangle the color, just keep the color the same. The choice of pattern and color should also abide by this principle. The curtains and curtains correspond to the pillows on the bed to make the whole more harmonious. If you want to echo the carpet, pay attention to the best choice of a small piece of carpet, otherwise this color will occupy most of your walls and ground, which is easy to cause visual fatigue.



3. Choose bold colors

If you want to make your home less plain, and want to use some bright colors to brighten the interior, you need to have a certain color foundation. If you don't use it well, you will have the illusion of being in a 90s hair salon. If you are already crowded, with a lot of paintings, carpets, and cushions with more colors, please choose solid color curtains. If you must have patterned curtains, the first recommended is curtains with colored edges. A little bit more than the color side is this kind of up and down two-color curtains. If you want to choose, it is recommended to choose curtains with lighter shades than darker shades, which can visually increase the height of the room.

Of course, there will be cases where the upper depth is shallow and the lower is shallow. That is because the floor height is sufficient and the second plan above is followed, which echoes the color of the low stool. A little bit more than the upper and lower two-color curtains, it is the striped pattern. The stripe pattern is a good choice for creating a contrast effect, and the key point is also because of the white transition. No matter how many colors of the stripes, we will find that as long as there is a white transition and the first or second rule is followed, it is usually not wrong.

Three practical tips for curtain matching

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