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What are the characteristics of durable flame retardant fabrics

Flame-retardant Oxford fabrics can be divided into: temporary (one-time), semi-durable, and durable flame-retardant fabrics according to the standard of washing resistance. One-time flame retardant cannot form a fixed structure, and the flame retardant function will be lost once washed with water. But it is a good choice when the requirement for washing resistance is not high. Durable flame-retardant Oxford cloth passes usually form a durable interpenetrating chain inside the fabric to make the fabric have a durable flame-retardant fabric. Durable flame-retardant fabrics are becoming more and more popular and are a good choice.


The fireproof principle of flame retardant fabric is to reduce the generation of flammable gas during the thermal decomposition of Oxford cloth and hinder the basic reaction in the process of mutual combustion of gases. Secondly, it absorbs the heat in the combustion area, and can dilute and isolate the air to prevent its combustion. . The so-called flame-retardant does not mean that the flame-retardant finished textile will not burn when exposed to a fire source, but that the fabric can reduce its flammability in the flame, can slow down the speed of spread, and does not form a large area of ​​combustion; After the flame, it can be automatically extinguished quickly, making it no longer burning or smoldering.


According to different flame-retardant effects, washable flame-retardant fabrics are suitable for aviation, shipping, industry, automobiles, train interiors, medical rehabilitation equipment, firefighting clothing, factory protective clothing, cargo yard covers, canopy tents, luggage, home furnishing and other fields.



Fire-resistant and flame-retardant fabrics have the characteristics of breathability, moisture absorption and quick-drying, soft touch, and soft luster, while retaining the antistatic ecological characteristics of cotton fiber. The word “flame retardant” is understood literally to prevent the flame from continuing to burn. The advantage of this is that it can well suppress the situation in the event of an accidental fire.


Flame-retardant and fire-retardant cloth is a functional product that can not only effectively prevent the burning and spread of flames, but also protect the original performance of the fabric after finishing with special production technology.


The protective clothing made of this fabric is comfortable to wear, breathable and moisture-permeable, and non-irritating to the skin. Classification and application of fire-retardant and flame-retardant fabrics: curtains, dining chairs, sofas, textiles and leather materials, seat bags, mattresses and home furnishings Accessories etc. There are also fireproof fabrics such as glued fireproof fabrics, waterproof fireproof fabrics, flame retardant fireproof fabrics, decorative fireproof fabrics, dining chairs and sofas.


The main purpose of fire-retardant fire-retardant cloth: lining and exterior packaging decoration of fire-resistant products, can be used for fire-proof rolling curtains in residential and public places, roof and indoor construction and decoration, fire-proof auxiliary materials of decoration materials and other fire-proof fields. It can be connected to the welding slag that falls during high-altitude operations to prevent scalding people and objects below.

What are the characteristics of durable flame retardant fabrics

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