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What are the characteristics of permanent flame retardant fabrics

At present, the commonly used permanent flame retardant fabrics are also intrinsic fiber flame retardant fabrics, including acrylic flame retardant fabrics, aramid flame retardant fabrics, and Molike flame retardant fabrics. It is usually used for high-end flame-retardant tooling and other flame-retardant clothing.

The properties of fiber flame-retardant fabrics include: good safety, the fiber does not melt when exposed to fire; permanent flame-retardant fiber will not affect the flame-retardant performance after washing and friction; environmental protection, natural fiber as the carrier, waste can be natural Degradable, in line with environmental protection requirements, with low smoke but not poisonous gas.

Fiber flame-retardant fabrics have excellent permanent flame-retardant and fire-retardant properties, and have good performance in preventing flame spread, smoke release, melting resistance, and durability. At the same time, good heat insulation and anti-static properties provide comprehensive thermal protection. The fabric has the moisture absorption and release properties of natural fibers, and is soft, comfortable, breathable, and brightly dyed.

The difference between Aramid flame-retardant fabric and Molike flame-retardant fabric is the color first. Modacrylic flame-retardant fabrics are usually fluorescent yellow colors, followed by navy blue and black; the colors of aramid flame-retardant fabrics are orange. Red, dark blue, army green, brilliant blue.

Flame retardant fabrics are divided into three categories: disposable, durable and permanent. Durable flame-retardant fabrics and permanent flame-retardant fabrics are mainly used to make clothing, while disposable flame-retardant fabrics are mostly used in decoration, curtains, and seat cushions.

Flame-retardant curtains refer to exquisite and highly flame-retardant curtains made of flame-retardant fabrics through a series of special treatments. Of course, flame-retardant curtains can also be divided into permanent flame-retardant curtains and disposable flame-retardant curtains according to the flame-retardant fabrics used. Curtains made of flame-retardant fabrics are widely used because curtain cloth has a flame-retardant function and can achieve the effect of fire prevention and disaster reduction.

Permanent flame-retardant curtains are woven with flame-retardant fibers, and its flame-retardant effect will never change no matter how many times it is launched into the water. In particular, the flame-retardant yarn used is polypropylene, which shrinks and carbonizes in case of fire, and extinguishes as soon as the fire source is removed. It does not melt and cannot cause black smoke, does not produce secondary fires, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

The initial flame-retardant properties of the two are not much different, except that the flame-retardant properties of the disposable flame-retardant fabric disappear completely after washing, while the permanent flame-retardant curtains can be used repeatedly.

What are the characteristics of permanent flame retardant fabrics

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