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What are the matching skills of curtains

Whether the home is warm and comfortable depends on our soft and hard decorations. The matching of curtains plays a very important role. The matching of curtains will affect the layout and beauty of the entire home decoration. Therefore, curtain matching is also exquisite. Just like dressing, the overall temperament will look better, so curtain matching is a skill that cannot be ignored in decoration.

The matching plan of curtains

1. Pure color curtains with window screens

Pure color curtains are the best match. There are many materials to choose from, such as linen, polyester, velvet and other fabrics. But pay attention to the color matching. The color of the curtains should be harmonious with the overall space tone, gray and blue. The colors are easier to match.

The color of the curtains can be the main color or the auxiliary color of the space. For example, the wall of your bedroom is light-colored, and the curtains can choose a darker color than the wall, and choose the color similar to the bedding. Relatively speaking, the color tone will be It is more uniform and looks more beautiful.

2. Color matching curtains with window screens

If you think that the solid color curtains are separate, you can also choose the color matching curtains, but the designer recommends the use of double color matching, and it is not recommended to use multiple color matching, because multiple color matching will appear chaotic, so it is recommended to use double color matching curtain.

You can also choose color matching curtains for the curtains in the bedroom, which is also a good choice. The color of the curtains corresponds to the color of the bedroom, gray corresponds to the color of the bedding, and pink corresponds to the color of the wall.

3. A single layer of curtains

Some people think that window screens are not very useful and do not want to waste money on window screens. They only need to install a layer of curtains. Indeed, this approach is possible, but I personally think that window screens can still play a good decorative role.

4. A single layer of yarn

If you want the living room at home to be transparent and bright, you can choose a single layer of yarn, the curtains will look more elegant and natural, and the entire space will appear transparent and bright. Visually, you will also feel that the entire space has become spacious.

5. Venetian blinds

Curtain blinds are also very popular now, blinds can be installed in many places, such as rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, study rooms can be installed, after installation, you will be fascinated by the blinds! It can be completely stowed or put down, and you can see the scenery outside the window. It looks more comfortable than the cloth curtains that take up most of the window space.

The venetian blinds on kitchen windows can also protect privacy and shading, and it is also easier to clean than fabric curtains.

6. Light pattern curtains

If you don’t like solid-color curtains or color-block curtains, but still have a soft spot for patterned curtains, it is recommended that you choose light patterned curtains instead of too flowery colors. Light patterned curtains will look more natural.



The matching skills of curtains

The first is the color matching skills, the most important point is to match the indoor color, and the second is that the curtain color is best not to exceed three, otherwise it will give people a mixed feeling, which is not conducive to the precipitation of mood, easy It makes people feel irritable, and the curtains in the master bedroom should avoid the pink color representing peach blossom luck, which is said to affect the feelings of couples. Color can affect mood, and this research is not groundless. The focus on curtain matching is color. After all, so many curtains have very different colors, styles, designs, and patterns.

The matching of curtains should also consider the size of the window and the cultural background and personality of the residents. The curtains of the house where the elderly live should be calm and elegant, while the curtains of the young people's homes or children's rooms can be appropriately skipped, especially in the children's rooms. Colorful and bright colors help children form a cheerful personality. To match curtains in this way, focus on your own habits and hobbies, as well as your family’s love of colors.

The matching skills of curtains should also be selected according to the indoor light. We all know that curtains are divided into single-layer and multi-layers. Single-layer curtains are suitable for rooms with moderate indoor light and darkness, while multi-layer curtains are suitable for use when the room is insufficient or too light. . Different spaces have different curtain installation methods. The living room is more suitable for more atmospheric installation methods, and the bedroom can choose more sophisticated installation methods. To deal with the matching of curtains in different spaces, it mainly depends on your own preferences.

There are many kinds of curtain materials, cotton, linen and silk can be used to make curtains. Each curtain material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the price is also different. At present, curtains made of cotton and linen are more popular, which are not only easy to clean, but also easy for us to replace from time to time.

What are the matching skills of curtains

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