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What is the principle of flame retardant fireproof cloth

What fire-retardant fabric can be fire-resistant? Let's take a look together. If you want Oxford cloth to have a fireproof effect, the methods are as follows:

First, the flame retardant is treated by spraying, padding or coating on the fabric. When it encounters a fire, the flame retardant will undergo physical and chemical reactions to achieve the flame retardant effect;

The second is to copolymerize the flame retardant monomer and the high polymer or add the flame retardant to the polymer, and then process the blended fiber into a blended fiber, which is then woven into a flame retardant fabric. Various specifications such as 1680D, 600D, 300D Oxford cloth and other polyester and nylon fabrics can be fire-retardant and flame-retardant through post-treatment processes.

Fire-retardant and flame-retardant cloth. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, no water seepage, no sticky oil, non-burning, no dripping, no shrinkage or elongation, and small amount of smoke when exposed to fire. It is an ideal fire resistance Burning fabric.

Can flame-retardant oxford cloth do? Flame-retardant fabrics can not be touched, and some are automatically extinguished within a certain period of time. It can prevent the spread of flames, thereby reducing property losses and ensuring life safety. Flame retardant Oxford cloth has a wide range of uses, and it plays an important role in life and work.

The thickness of the flame-retardant fabric is not particularly thick. The intrinsic flame-retardant fabric is also the durable flame-retardant fabric, which is formed by weaving and dyeing and finishing the flame-retardant fiber. The flame-retardant fiber is added with the flame retardant during the drawing process to merge with the fiber. Together, no matter how many times it is washed with water, its flame retardant effect remains unchanged.

Flame-retardant materials usually have the characteristics of not burning or burning easily, and extinguishing quickly after leaving the flame. For example, some high-molecular materials containing bromine and phosphorus can absorb free radicals generated by combustion during combustion. , Hinder the chain reaction.

The flame-retardant fabric does not contain halogen and meets ecological and environmental protection requirements. Its main technical indicators are at the international leading level. The flame retardant index of polyester flame retardant fabric can reach the national standard B2 or above. The washing durability is more than 30 times.

Flame-retardant fireproof cloth, because of its good decoration, fire resistance, and bright colors, it is used in the outer layer of high-grade fireproof roller blinds as a decorative layer.

What is the principle of flame retardant fireproof cloth

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