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What You Need to Know About Nomex Fabric

What You Need to Know About Nomex Fabric
Nomex fabric is a meta-aromatic polyamide, or aramid. Dupont first created it in the early 1960s. Due to its flame-retardant properties, it is an excellent material for protective clothing. Besides being lightweight, Nomex also resists heat and flame. Learn more about this revolutionary material. This article will provide you with the essential information you need to know when it comes to Nomex clothing.

Nomex fabric is a meta-aromatic polyamide
Meta-aramid, or M-aramid, is a polyamide with high elongation and low tensile strength. It is resistant to high temperatures, various chemicals, and UV rays. It is used for heat-resistant fabrics, protective clothing, and cable protection in aerospace. However, some people are not familiar with this material. In this article, we will discuss the properties of M-aramid fibers and what they are used for.

It is an aramid
Nomex is a meta-aramid fabric that is similar to Kevlar. Its main difference lies in the location of the amide linkages on the aromatic ring. Nomex has a lower modulus of elasticity than Kevlar, while Kevlar has a higher elongation modulus. The thermo-stability of Nomex makes it ideal for use in textile yarn.

It is flame-retardant
There are several uses for Nomex fabric. Wildland firefighters use Nomex garments during wildfire suppression. It is also used in racing car drivers' gloves, long underwear, balaclavas, socks, and helmet linings. It is also used in military applications, such as flight suits, which are over 92 percent Nomex. Ground vehicles such as construction equipment also use Nomex. The fabric is often woven with Kevlar thread to increase its flame-retardant performance.

It is lightweight
Nomex fabric is inherently flame resistant due to its meta-aramid chemistry. It is most commonly used in military clothing systems because it provides superior protection from intense heat and flame. The military uses similar poly (meta-aramid) fabrics in aircrew coveralls, submariners' action dress shirts, and tank crew coveralls. Nomex fabrics also offer outstanding flame resistance and reduce the risk of second and third degree burns.

It is ultra-soft
Nomex fabric is ultra-soft, comfortable, and durable. This protective fabric is the gold standard for flame resistant workwear. Nomex is a blend of eighty-eight percent cotton and twelve percent high-tenacity nylon. It provides unparalleled comfort, protection, and durability. Nomex also dries quickly and maintains its shape under hot conditions. This garment is perfect for all types of industrial, outdoor, and residential environments.

It is conformable
Nomex fabric is highly conformable and is suitable for use in wheelchairs and other adaptive devices. The elasticity and conformability of Nomex fabric are characterized by the HFPO and BTCA treatments. Both of these compounds have four carboxyl groups and increase in stiffness with an increasing concentration of HFPO. The HFPO/BTCA ratio varies from 10% to 14%. The results show that the treatment decreases the PHRR of the Nomex fabric by nearly 60%.

It is durable
Nomex(r) fire-resistant fiber is an excellent value in protective clothing. These garments are highly durable, last three to five times as long as other fabrics and can be machine washed for up to 125 times before losing their fire-resistance properties. Nomex garments also retain their appearance and color, so they are ready to wear immediately. Moreover, Nomex garments are durable, meaning that they are more economical.

What You Need to Know About Nomex Fabric

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