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Yaodi IFR Sheer Fabric

IFR Sheer Fabric is 100% polyester and comes in 120-inch widths. It is a softer type of sheer yarn that is both lightweight and transparent. The color is usually dyed to match the fabric's other features. Sheer Voile is a common choice for drapery and window treatments. The flame-retardant fabric is not IFR. This product has a high fire-resistance rating and is often used for drapery.

Yaodi IFR Sheer Fabric is available in a wide variety of colors and materials. It can be dyed or printed to match your interior design, as well as be made to order. IFR Sheer Fabric is a great choice for curtains and draping. It has passed the NFPA 701 fire-retardancy tests and is flammable. The material is also flame-resistant. You can request a copy of the IFR fire-retardant certification when placing an order.

IFR Sheer Fabric is also available in grey, which is a great choice for any home. The grey color makes it look elegant and fits well with any decor. It can be dyed to match your interior decor. It is a great choice for drapes, curtains, and more. So, choose IFR Sheer Fabric for your next project! IFR Sheer Fabric for Stage Curtains & More

118" IFR Velour is a polyester sheer fabric that is FR-certified and flame-resistant. It is an excellent choice for event and hospitality decorations, as it is durable and easy to clean. Sheer Velour is also certified fire-retardant by the NFPA and is flammable-retardant. To use it in your design, you should consult a professional to ensure that it meets all NFPA standards.

Sheer fabric is an excellent choice for drapes because of its fire-retardant quality. It is highly recommended for outdoor applications, as it prevents fires and is also suitable for indoor use. IFR Sheer fabrics are also flammable. The most common reasons why IFR Sheer is a good choice for curtains and draping are: It is easy to care for and has a high flame-retardant rating. It is a lightweight and soft fabric and can be easily cleaned with water.

IFR Sheer fabrics are a great choice for curtains and draperies. IFR Sheer Fabric is available in a 120-inch width. The flame-retardant Sheer Fabric is a good choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. It can withstand extreme temperatures. If the window covering is used in a high-risk location, it should be covered with a fire-resistant curtain.

A popular choice for window treatments is a synthetic polyester IFR velour. This is a mid-weight velvet type fabric that is flame-retardant and is perfect for drapes and table skirts. Its weight is approximately 2 ounces per square yard. It is approved for both indoor and outdoor use by NFPA 701. This fabric is flame-retardant and has a high fire-retardant rating.

Sheer Voile is a flame-retardant fabric that is available in a wide range of colors. This 120-inch IFR Sheer Fabric is suitable for many applications, including curtains, draping, and event decorations. Its fire retardant properties are the reason why IFR Sheer is so popular and widely used. Its unique qualities make it an excellent choice for a variety of interior and exterior applications, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

IFR Sheer is made from 100% polyester and is flame retardant. It is 120-inch wide and is certified NFPA 701 for its flame-retardancy. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and is suitable for all types of events. Its fire-retardant properties are certified by the NFPA, making it a great choice for interior decoration and event curtains. IFR Sheer is a popular choice for interior and exterior use.

Its light, stable construction strikes the perfect balance between Silk and Voile. It is seamless up to 16 feet. This lightweight, stable fabric can be machine-dyed to match any colour. It can be dyed to any colour and is a great option for any occasion. It is possible to get it custom-dyed to match any color, making it the perfect fabric for weddings. In addition to these benefits, IFR Sheer Fabric is a versatile choice for any occasion.

Yaodi IFR Sheer Fabric

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