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air duct fabric
Non-combustible Type
air duct fabric

Non-combustible Type

Excellent flame retardant performance,gentle texture, easy to install,meet GBJ304-88 and GBJ243-82 standards.


Why Fabric Duct


ΔFabric air Duct is also known as cloth fabric duct, textileduct, sox syste. Its main function is to replace traditional Air hose, Air valve,a kind of diffuser Air supply system.
The appearance of the sustem is like a large cloth bag, with air supply, noise reduction, dew purification and other pur-


ΔFabric duct is a kind of flexible Air distribution system made of special fibers(Air Dispersion)sox system which is mainly by fiber penetration and the nozzle jet's unique wind model can send wind end of uniform line type Air supply system.



A: Surface air, large volume, no sense of blowing. Sosssystem adopts the unique surface air outlet mode of the whole pipe wall fiber permeating air and microhole jet, with large air outlet area, large air volume, lowwind speed, no wind sensation and excellent comfort.

B: The overall air supply is evenly distributed. The SOS system distributes the air evenly through the fiber gap of the whole pipe wall or through the designed uniform distribution of multiple rows of holes, and the air dis-tribution is uniform at each point, so as to realize the truly ideal uniform overall air supply.


C: Dew-congealing resistible. Yaochen fiber duct systcm pcnctratcs cool air through the whole duct wall fiber, forming cool air layer on the outside of the duct wall, so that there isalmost no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the duct wall, completely solving the problem ofcondensation, and there is no need for duct insu-lation.


D: Easy to clean and maintain, healthy and environmental. Because yaochen fiber cloth air duct system is conve-nient for disassembly and installation, it can be easy to wipe and clean the pipes, so as to improve the indoor airclean quality and meet the higher requirements of hcalth and cnviron-mental protection.


E: Beautiful and high-grade, color diversity, personal-ized prominent. A variety of colors can keep harmony with any indoor envi-ronment style, simple and high-grade. Atthe same time, the system and color fully personalizeddesign and custom.


F: Light weight, roof load is negligible. The Yaochen fiber duct system is made of special fibers and isextremely light, about1/50 of the weight ofthe traditional metalduct system. It is es-pecially suitable for roofing without load bearing capacity.


G: System operation is quiet, improve the environmen-tal quality (SOS system material soft, low wind speed during oper-ation, no genera-tion and transmis-sion resonance, quiet, improve the environmental quality.


H: Easy installationand short engineer-ing cycle time. SOS system USES special supporting steel rope or alumi-num rail suspension system, simple andfast, installation time is often more than 1/15 of the traditional system, greatly shorten the project cycle.


I: Flexiblc installation and reusable. The whole system ismade of soft material, and there is no need for balancing and calibration during installation. When used, it will not be as easy as the metal pipe system to be scratched, dents, leakage and other phenomena, and the system sus-pension is flexible to move, easy to install, can be reused, in all kinds of tcmporaty ventilation placcs is thc best choice.


J: System cost savings, high cost performance. The design scheme of Yaochen fiber cloth air duct system is simplerthan the traditional air duct system, and it replaces thetraditional air duct, air valve, diffuser, tuyere and othercomponents, accessories and single products such as ther-mal insulation materials, with extremely light weight, easy transportation and installation, and overall saving of the total cost of the system


Scope of application:




     Several different suspension types are available to meet the needs of different installation conditions. The three basic types of suspension are wire rope,H track and T track.

Simple installation can save a lot of time and cost. One suspension system or several suspension systems can be used according to the site conditions.

Our suspension system is made of anodized aluminum alloy or stainless steel for safe use in corrosive environment. In projects with high corrosion risk, appropriate materials can be selected according to the instructions of a reliable third party consultant to ensure the safety and firmness of the suspension system.

Non-standard suspension solutions please contact your local fabric air back to the representative office.




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Non-combustible Type

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