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Scope of application: it can provide barrier and protection for the potentially infectious patient’s blood, body fluid, secretions,particles in the air, etc. which are contacted by the clinical medical staff during the work it can be used to isolate the critical care area(room) and other places with strict microbiological index control within the sterilizationvalidity period.

Jiangsu Yaodi New Material Co., Ltd. is located in famous textile town “millions of fabrics are produced every day, and the textile industry is well-known everywhere”——Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou, As a famous China Isolation Gowns Manufacturers and Personal Isolation Gown factory. Product covers flame retardant yarns, flame retardant fabrics used in various places, flame retardant fabric duct systems, flame retardant home textiles, interior decoration flame retardant materials, medical fabrics, military special textiles, and flame retardant tent luggage And other functional products. Advanced technology team, giving you high-quality textile solution. We also wholesale Personal/Medical Isolation Gown and other epidemic prevention. Accept OEM/ODM.

Epidemic Prevention

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