Flame retardant and negative oxygen ion fiber and fabric

Release Negative Oxygen Ion

Negative oxygen ions known as “Air vitamin”, it has a very important influence to the human body and other biological activities. According to medical studies, the concentration of the negative oxygen ion reaches a certain amount, which can purify the air and enhance human immunity. And it also has the role of adjuvant therapy to high blood pressure, asthma, flu, arthritis and other diseases. Therefore, during the synthesis process of polyester yarn, we add the flame retardant additives of copolymer phosphorus and anion nano-material. The improved fabric not only has the property of permanent flame retardant (the limiting oxygen index(LOI) value ≥32%) , but also has the function of releasing negative oxygen ion permanently (the releasing quantity of negative oxygen ion ≥1000a/cm3).

Forest/Waterfalls Concentration Surroundings Concentration
Mountain/Seashore 10000-20000 City park 200-1000
Alpine seaside 5000-10000 Street green belt 400-600
Rural field 10000-50000 Office buildings 100-400
Park 400-1000 City Room 40-50
Suburbs 100-1000 Industrial area 0

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